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We're here for you.

Dear Accomplish community,

We hope this email finds you and your loved ones safe and sound.

Period. Nothing else matters.

It is practically impossible to put this into words, but we miss you! We miss our partners, our co-working spaces and our coffee shops. We miss our face to face strategy meetings and our brainstorming sessions. We really miss the old energy of New York City.

However your last 8 weeks have looked, you're not the only one! We are here now simply to remind you that we've got you, that your endeavor still exists even if it feels different, and that your new ideas deserve attention whether that's now or months from now.

Please know that we understand priorities change and we are here when you are ready! It may not look the same, but we are open, positive and here to hear how best we can help. That might be a strategy session, a deep dive into financials, or just a supportive ear of someone who knows exactly what you're going through.

We hope this email comes across as fully supportive with absolutely no pressure. If it feels right to push forward, strategize, and execute then look no further for partners in innovation. If it feels right to rest, focus on family, homeschool, health and personal betterment then we're here as your biggest fans. The point is, we're here for you.

To ease the financial stress of these times, some experts (Leslie and Jill included) have waived fees in an attempt to help support local small businesses - if you are in need of help AT ALL, please message us on the app.

As is often said in the startup world, this is not a sprint, but a marathon. We are not going anywhere.


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