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Marketing - there's an expert for that!


eting is king! How can you most effectively get your brand noticed and products purchased?

From Google ads, to social media, to out-of-home, marketing is a fundamental part of your startup and often the toughest to tackle. With so many options, where do you start? Below are 3 helpful tips from marking expert, Daniel Greenspan, on how to best market your business: 1. Create an actual marketing budget, but don’t spend it all immediately!  If you spend the entire budget right away and it doesn’t perform as well as you hoped, you’re in a pickle.  Better to start small and scale up. 2. Plan out longer term campaigns, which have numerous short flights within it.  Do this by dividing the total marketing budget up by the amount of flights you plan on having and allocating a budget against each short flight.  Once the first flight ends, you can monitor the results and optimize where necessary before the next flight begins.  So you now have a long term plan, which continues to improve over the entire campaign’s duration, without having to be flustered and rushed when making important decisions along the way.    3. Don’t underestimate social page likes.  Any page likes you receive now through paid ads stay with you forever.  And the more organic content you post in the future will have more people viewing it that you don’t have to pay for.  Everyone wants conversions (which are super important), but there's still value to all of the page likes you receive too!  

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