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Fundraising - there's an expert for that!

you're ready to raise money for your business, but not sure where to start, start here: 

Our fundraising and Venture Capital expert, Jason Kraus, is sharing his top 3 tips for anyone seeking to raise money at any stage of their business. Message Jason on the Accomplish app for a one-on-one consultation and further advice!

1) Pitching investors is all about storytelling. Investors need to believe the picture you paint of the opportunity of the business, believe you are the team to take advantage of it, and see the vision of how the company and their investment will scale.

2) Make sure your business goals align with the fundraising strategy and the investors you choose. Success can be a small outside investment leading to a good acquisition or large scale venture capital turning into a unicorn business. 

3) Create a situation and pitch where investors see this as an investment opportunity for them, not an investment need for the startup.

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