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Community starts here.

We're on a mission to be more than just a marketplace. We want ACCOMPLISH to be an all-inclusive, one stop shop for all things entrepreneur and startup.

Meaningful connections with peers, mentors, and experts facilitated through the app mean everything to us, but we recognize that taking the first step to schedule those meetings is not always easy. You have to trust us first, and we're here to earn that.

A new podcast featuring YOU and your businesses!

Anti-networking events that are all business and no awkward!

Personalized meeting setup and startup mentoring by yours truly!

Pop-ups and pop-ins... and more...

2020 will bring new ways to connect - where you already are - but we need your help understanding what more we can give! Get creative, then reply to this email telling us exactly what you need now or did need when you were getting your business off the ground.

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