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Age is nothing but a number.

This advice can be applied all over the map, but one place for certain is with business.

Last week, we met Columbia students as young as 18 who are well on their way to their entrepreneurial success stories! From an incredible, young, female founder who is launching a product aimed at being the all inclusive resource for the Autism Spectrum community (follow @weareausome on Instagram), to a Columbia senior who is in the process of selling his first start-up that he's worked on tirelessly for over 7 years (he started his business when he was 15!!), to our Career Fair neighbor whose military equipment company was founded by an engineer in his late 50's; the one thing they all had in common was the passion to persist despite the obstacles. 

There is no wrong time to start your business and there is no age cap on expertise!

Whether Generation Z or Baby Boomer, your ideas and your knowledge are valuable in the ACCOMPLISH community. Rely on us to help you navigate those tricky early days of business.

Tell us, how old were you when you had your first big idea?

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